Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Friday, March 13, 2009


Wow, I am back. Sorry I am like the people that I get disappointed with , when I go to read there blogs and they have not update for days!!! But, here I am Months later...

It is beautiful spring time weather down here in Ga. The Bradford pear trees are blooming with beautiful white blossoms. This time of years reminds of new beginings.

We are still in our home, next month it will have been on the market for a year. It is all in Gods timing and he will give us the grace to make it one day at a time.. Business is still up and down, but I have not done without any thing I have needed or even wanted. I hear it is very hard for so many families in these changing times and my heart goes to them, we never know what might happen in the future, Thankful God knows the future and help us with what happens!!!

Praise the Lord I have made it thru the first quarter of Math!!! Whoo-HOO that is quiet an achivement for me...It has been very tough..but consistant studying and being there every class and doing all my homework, I ended the class with a B, and that is great. For a while I was just praying that I would just pass the class, so ending up with a B is great!!!

I am sure life is busy for all. We have 3 graduating in May, daughter no.3 from college Jessica---son no.3 from High school and our First granddaughter from kindergarten... With our son graduating this year, he is our last of 6, and so far all have went on to college.

Jessica, thanks for checking on me :)) You have such a sweet and caring spirit!! I have checked on you and others. Proud of you for your accomplishments..Keep seeking the Lord and doing the next right thing....

Jaye happy that you are in your house and Pray things will work out good for you...I was sad about the change, I had just read your story about getting the girls and your story when you made your change so I was sad. But I know God can make all thing to work for good to them that love him and are called for his purpose.

Next quarter going take a computer course, maybe I then can learn to write letters better