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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is it Fall yet?

Why does it take me so long to update??? August 30, 1009

Here we are in another state getting our last child settled into college. So in this post I am going to reflect on Life Changes. I am thinking of times in my life that until I went thru it, I just did not understand. No matter how many times someone tells you about it, explains it to you, tells of there experience with it, you still will not undersand until you do it or the time comes when you go thru it. Some of the times it has happened to me.
(1)After 1st marriage and honeymoon, I lay awake one night and think "what have I gotten myself into".
(2) After the first baby that I have waited so long for. The night before I went home, I looked at the baby realize this baby is your responsibility 24 hours a day for a looooooooon time.
(3) You last child leaves home, you have anticipated, prayed for this day to come and then when it does. Another Life Change.
(4) When you parents die, you know death is a part of life and it is bound to happen but when it does. Wow life change
(5) Another one I thought of when you take your child to real school for the first time and realize that they stay there for 7 hours without you, and you do not have to hurry back to the babysitter to get them. You look as they go down that long hall with there little back pack and never look back. Life Change

When #6 left on fri. with his big sister to arrive early and register for college, I could not look and say bye without crying. The next day his father and I arrived to help him get settled in. Think I will be better today when the time comes for us to leave . Think he is ready to fly from the nest and KNOW he is TIRED of us telling him what he needs to do. Bet he will walk into his dorm and never look back.