Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pre New Years Eve

Well almost a New Year...Yea, we had a Great Christmas. DH did decide about at the last minute to buy 2 Wii things for 2 of our Daughters for Christmas, so we did the check out all stores within our area run, and of course they were nowhere. But since it was a last min. idea and not totally necessary we did without.
I faced one of my fears last week, I never took any college courses, although I do have my hairdresser licences which I did for over 25 yrs. and have my Real Estate Licences which I have had about 10 yrs. I did not want to take an entrance placement test to take college courses, because my fear of failure. Guess what I took it........ And all was well except for Algebra which I have never had so all I have to do is take a class. It was not bad to fail that, and was exciting I did well on the other 2 placements so I can start college classes for them. So maybe I will just take the Algebra course first to see how I do going back to school. Prayers will be appreciated. Till next time....Happy New Year

Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Morning

Today is 2 day before Christmas Eve. That is when we have our family get together and gift exchange. My big plan today is go to the grocery store, think I have my list ready.

I have 3 kids still asleep in bed today, 2 home from college and the other a senior in high school, so our house and schedule will be changing day to day. I will adjust and not worry so much about the house staying in order, I will try to enjoy them, remembering they will be on their on with families before I know it.

As I sit here praying and meditating, I am going over the same thingS that I go over every year, Did I get the kids enough for Christmas? Hope they will not be disappointed, should I go shopping 1 more time? How did I gain so much weight?
O well, Had a good week-end, DH and I went shopping, then kept our adorable 15 month old grandson over night. He is lots of fun. Our Church did their play and Music last night, we also enjoyed that.
Guess I better get up and started . Hope you are having a great start to the CHRISTMAS WEEK!!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Good Morning, I have decided since I go to every ones blog that I have on my favorite list everyday, I am going to write on mine more often. I am disappointed when I go to blogs day after day and they have not updated. I do not want my friends to be disappointed, so a few words more often.
Having someone come look at the house today, it has been up for sale for 9 months so we shall see. So this morning is hide all stuff sitting around !!! And then on to Dh office Christmas dinner! Later

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Greetings

HI, Hope all is enjoying the Christmas Season. I have enjoyed it so far, My Sweet Husband has done most of the Christmas shopping. Had ideas for the big items for the kids so he just bit the bullet and purchased them, while I worry about getting the best sale, etc. So all that is over. Our extended family has narrowed down on the gift giving. Since my MIL died Christmas Season last year, She was the reason we all tried to get together on Christmas Eve, but with her passing and her grandchildren getting married and having inlaws to see also, we all decided that this year will be different. So our Children and their spouse and grandchildren is all that will be together Christmas eve. Also my sister and I have decide that with our children grown and some married, it was like breaking arms to get everyone together, So we with our husband are just getting together after the holiday to meet half way and go out to eat.
If the cousins ever want to get together they can plan it.
Talk with you soon.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all that may stop by..
Need to post more often, hard to remember whats been going on. I know that I am Thankful for Gods many blessings!!
I worked a few days since I have posted. Had the 3 grand kids overnight last week-end and enjoyed them. All is well here.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, Our day will be changing some this year, My dear MIL died right before Christmas last year so this will be the first year without her. Also My Ds decided to do a community project thru his college, feeding the Fireman and Police that are working in the town the college is in. So me being the mom was nervous so of course I kinda took on the project. We will be there till around 3 then home for dinner at 6 for about 15 eating at home should be fun. See you all later

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello, Hope everyone is doing well today. I am great, loving this weather. My day was spent going to grocery store. I went to 2 stores and tried to look for sales items and also baking supplies for the coming up Holidays. So come home and decide to make some dressing and sweet potato souffle to mix up and put in the freezer. so made up cornbread and biscuits, baked sweet potatoes and chopped up onions and celery. Put some chicken in crock pot over tonight to have the broth. So potatoes and dressing stuff in the fridge to mix up tomorrow. Before you say that this girl is doing well....
Remember the 1 cent item at publix every week, well the other week it was oatmeal some how I got 2 things of oatmeal, now we like oatmeal, but the instant kind so was think, I would just make
oatmeal cookies.....Seemed like a good idea. I must not know how to read direction, because after getting all ingredients together and mixing up, it seemed kinda dry but i went ahead and put a spoon full a piece on a baking pan. When they finished cooking they were terrible!!! DH tried to put more water in the rest of the batter and his looks better but Ds took 1 bite and then went and spat it out and he is a cookie monster. So much for baking...Toll House cookies here we come...
Had a great time over the week-end. Our Church has some property and hope someday to have a active camp there but right now we have a pavilion, with kitchen and bathrooms, a small boat house and a baseball field. We held a harvest fest Saturday and was hoping for between 300-500 people, that did not happen only had about 200 including all the workers but we all had a great time, had many game booths, craft tables, hay ride. I worked with the concession and it was fun. Had so much fun and candy left over, but many things coming up with Church events so we will use them.
This week DH business not looking to good, but I will continue to Trust God for direction. Thinking about taking a Math class, more on that later!! Look up!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Birthday To me. I am now officially in the middle of my Fabulous Fifties!!!! And I am having a great Birthday...I am one very Blessed lady!! I have a wonderful Husband, 6 great kids(2 birth) (4 step) pretty good health and an Awesome God!!!!Also 3 GRANDChildren!!! What more could any one want.

I have enjoyed my day, I choose to stay home today and tonight and do just what I wanted and that is what I have done!!! How many get that option? Have a crock pot of pinto beans, in a while will make a pan of cornbread ,peel an onion and that will be Dh's and my supper. Yummy!!
Tonight will be quite at our house, we live in the country so no trick or treaters. my ds 19 did come by and painte his face and dressed up as the Joker to go to work tonight, so I did get to see 1 kid excited...
Please bear with me to reminise about times past!!! This was my favorite time of the year as a kid, my birthday and also the school carnivals, to me they were were so exciting to me. The games in different classroom, The cake walk, The glass jug that held marbles and a chance to guess the number of marbles it held to win a great prize. And also the King and Queen chosen. they would always be 5th graders. I always thought that would be the ultimate to get to be queen, they were chosen by how much money they had collected!! Of course for me we moved before I was in the 5th grade and guess it was just as well, our family had 7 kids in school and 2 babies at home and we were lucky to have money to buy groceries. I got to live my dream through my daughter, when she was on the homecoming court her sr. yr. She was also my 25th birthday present, born the day before my birthday, she turned 30 yesterday, wow where as the years gone.
Also going trick or treating as a kid was great, we walked miles and miles around our town getting candy, it was so exciting. Back then candy was a real treat, Of course these days not a good idea, I see Church's having carnivals tonight so that is good.
Thanks for taking time to share my memories and hope you all have a great night!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back Again

Here I am back again, It is Sunday the 26th? of Oct. A couple of weeks since I have update my blog, now to remember what has been going on. No calls for work lately so I have enjoyed being home. Helping DH in what ever way is needed. His business seems to be a little more stable so that is a blessing.. Last night we had the Oct. birthday party here at home, myself and 2 of my DD have birthdays this month, so Daughter-in-law brought pizza and salad and the rest of us pitched in drinks, chips, cake and ice cream. It was a great time all 6 of the kids were here, 2 in-laws and 3 grandchildren so we had a great time. I will be 55 the 31st my DD will be 30 on the 30th and Dstep daughter was 25 on the 17th of the month. We all had major birthdays!!!!
I still am enjoying being in the Fabulous Fifties but my body continues to grow. Major self control in the eating dept. needs to continue. I did do my work out tonight on the elliptical!!Yeah me!!! Tomorrow is my yearly physical hoping that my cholesterol is down, on 3 different pills for that and wish I could get it down so I would not be on that much stuff. We will see..
Gotta go amazing race is coming on...See you all later

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This Week

Another week has passed ! I worked wed. thur. fri. last week, and mon and tues. of this week. I really felt like a working woman for a while. But I have really enjoyed the last 2 day off. It was amazing I stayed caught up with house stuff when I worked. Tomorrow is step daughter 25th birthday, we are taking her to lunch tomorrow and then have all Oct. birthday celebrations here at home on the 25th.
DS 19 came for a visit today, enjoyed seeing him, it is working better for me with him living away, seems we have a lot better relationship this way. Stepson 18 is graduating this year so Sr. pictures are to be made sat. and getting ready to order invitations!!! Whoo-hoo . That will be 6 for 6 of high graduates and I am very THANKFUL. Hope all is well with your world

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Grocery Store

My big priority today was to go to the grocery store, which I did. Of course before doing that job I went and got a pedicure which was great. This week I have started again trying to practice self-discipline in a lot of areas of my life, so much of my shopping today was for (healthy foods). I still do not have the menu planning down, but also working on that, it is so much easier to eat healthy if you plan ahead what your menu will be. One of the things I enjoy about being in my Fabulous Fifties is that I get to grocery shop alone. School is out here for fall break and many moms where shopping with little ones and many seemed a little stressed!! I love little ones, been there and done that, but also really, really enjoy going alone.

This week-end DH an I attended a week-end Couples Retreat, enjoyed it very much!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Day At Home

I find myself home all day alone, which is not a BAD THING. I am thankful that Dh will be coming home soon. DS 18 had a soccer game after school so that's why this late in the day I find myself alone, Of course I do have my friends that are in my computer :) DS 19 stopped by for a while today and took a shower then off again. Was nice to see him, now that he is not living at home and I am not worrying about him all the time , and staying on his back.

Hi Jaye, excited you read my blog. I have been following your blog for a while and really enjoy your writings. You are a very busy Lady, I know you are enjoying your new babies.
I was not sure I wanted anyone to find my blog, it seems to me writing about things is scary that people will know me to well (what do i have to hide)?? Ha Ha--That I will not tell!!! Wanting to see if any of my adult children find it? Any way I have so enjoyed reading Jaye and others blog and realizing we all do the best we can.

Thanks also for the message Diane.

Well today seems better for the outlook on business and our lifesyle. I guess God wants us to be willing to give things up if it come to that, we shall see..hugs to all

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Time

Today is another beautiful fall day. The first time I have spent much time out side is today. I cleaned off patio and washed out side furniture down, having a swim party for Church class Saturday(maybe a little chilly for swimming) so wanted all to be clean.
Also found some tulip and other bulbs in my garage, they were probably too old to plant, but since it was a pretty day I planted them any way, so it will be excited to see if they come up in March or April.
Still praying for God to give DH's family business direction day by day as the economy seems to going down. I just pray that we will Glorify God what ever happens.
This has been a good quiet week here, staying close to home because of gas shortage. I did attend Bible Study on Thur. So thankful we have a wonderful teacher that helps us study Gods word. Until later===========

Monday, September 22, 2008


Good Morning, This is a lovely fall day. The week-end went by fast, trying to remember the highlights of it. Went to an Awanas conference on sat. and that took up the whole day, was very informative, now if I will act on some of the things I learned. It did help motivate me some.
Sunday was Church Day and Pastor teaching and Preaching was what I need to hear and Do!!

About a job?? Still no clear direction, no calls for subbing today, so guess I will go put in the application at another county. It seems that I will need to go to work. I have enjoyed the last ten yr. of being a mom and housewife, but things do change. So if it is Gods will so will I change.

Did you notice, I finally got the background working....I am sooooooo proud!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hi Today, I am all excited, I though I had read direction clear enough to change my back ground..Did not happen, unless you are seeing black and white polka dots. I did see the little banner advertising where I found the background...So please any of you 20,30,or 40's that could tell this Fabulous Fifty's girl how to accomplish this ,I would be grateful!!!!
Not a whole lot going on around the home front, no calls to work this week, is this good or bad? Thinking if things do not change soon, we will be needing insurance so today a job seems needed real soon. But remembering "Trust in the Lord with All thine Heart: and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths. So that is what iIwill do!!! Hope all are having a great day!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Computer fast

Well I am back after a 3 day fast from the computer, trying to break the reading hours at night and checking the computer many times a day when I am home. My purpose also when I thought about the computer, I would talk with God, Pray for people and things close to my heart. So for me that was a good thing. I missed reading every ones blogs, but I did survive.
On Friday had lunch with dS 19, he has not lived at home for the last 2 months so do not hear from him much, so it was good to see he can survive without me...can you say (co-dependant).
Saturday Spend the day with DH and 24 yr. old daughter, went to S. Ga. to see some houses. Sunday was Church, Monday babysit sweet little grandson, he is 1 yr. old and took his nap on schedule so that was a good day. Today was off to lunch with a group to a quaint restaurant an hour away. So life is Good in the Fifties.
Soon hope to learn more about putting on pictures on this blog. Also would love to do one of the free backgrounds, but after trying almost every night it just has not happened!!!
Also my life may be taking some sharp turns, after being wanting for nothing for the last 11 yrs.
life will be changing soon for me unless a miracle happens and God is able to make it happen. But it he does not . I know he has another plan!! Pray that my faith stays strong!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Whoo HOO-- My Sweet Darling bought me the larger car...I love it!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This Week

Wow, Already Wednesday so where has the week gone? Monday was grandparents day at Granddaughters school, she is in kindergarten so this is our first grandparents day there, we still have 1 Sr. there and 3 already finished so was kinda funny going as grandparents instead of parents. We had a good time she was able to leave with us after the program ,so she went with us on a few errands and of course a visit to Chick-fil-a and the playground. It was a fun time.

As for the new car?? Nothing happened yet, salesman and Dh kinda dealing via telephone, DH stated a price he is willing to pay and both cars are still in the running. I am still (in my prayers )pulling for the larger one.) But will be thankful for either one.

Yesterday DS 18 was home not feeling well, I helped him with a bookreport.... Prayers go up for all home school parents and teachers.... see ya

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Car

Today we went looking at new cars. That is not my favorite thing to do, I do not like the games of buying a car. We went to 3 lots. I wish My sweet DH would just go get one and bring it home. We looked at Honda's, DH looking at a Civic but my eyes wandered to a Accord. Of course it is larger not as good gas millage and cost lost more $$$$$. So we shall see what the next few days bring.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mental Health Day

Today I am taking a Mental Health Day..So what is that you ask? For me it is a day that I do not have to go anywhere. I sleep as late as I want, I do household chores at the pace I want. No one is home, I am not expecting any company, I choose what Phone calls to take and I try to be Still in My Mind and Emotions to Remember God is God and he is still in control.

I know with small children this kinda day may not be possible, but would like to recommend to to any one that can do it. I know some people get energized with always being around others but that is not the case with me. I need quite time with Just God and myself to regroup from everyday life. This is something I enjoy being in this stage of life "The Fabulous Fifties".

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hi All, back again, my idea about blogging at least every other day did not work out.

My week last week was NOT Fabulous Fifties!! I subsituted in a public school kitchen and had the honor to work with 2 witches!!! needless to say to be 50 something working by a hot oven, making yeast rolls and I am talking MANY rolls not knowing what I am doing after being laughed and talked about and not helped all week by my 2 co-workers..(I EXPLODED) i had forgotten I knew how to say those kinds of words. I had to ask forgivess for my words, but I meant every thing I said. Needless to say they did not say another word to be the rest of the day:) Neeedless to say i will not be returning to that school.. But on to another school tomorrow, hope it is better. Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Hi, This blog is named the Fabulous Fifties because this is the season of life i am in, and want to write about it. Please jump in with comments if you run across this blog.