Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Monday, December 28, 2009


So where was I? Had my 56th birthday and survived it rather well.
Had a good Thanksgivings with kids and grandkids. About 9 pm that night, received a call that my 58 year old brother had a stroke. It is soooo sad, my emotion are off the chart these days. He has no use of his left side. At this point about all he can do is feed himself. Mental he seem ok, most of the time. He has no wife, children. My sister and I are it. Please Pray for him and myself also to have the strength and wisdom to know what to do.
The good news is I passed my math for meds class with a B, and also anatomy with an A. I am finished with my core classes. Praying about trying to get it the LPN program in the summer.
Also had a good Christmas. Hope you all are doing well. Any advice, encouragment, prayer are appreciated..........Happy New Year