Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Heat

Well, summertime has come with a bang!! Hope everyone has some way of staying cool. I thank God and my sweet husband for air-conditioning.
Think I mentioned our Church camp in my last post. Last week was jr. camp and was great, we had about 35 boys and girls attend every day. I was excited to be able to help in the kitchen last week, believe it or not I did make it thru the week, everyone thought I was just going to be a puddle by the end of each day, I sweat so much, but I made it Thru. (Did i mention I do not do heat and humid weather very well?)
Friday afternoon, I came home showered and rested(slept ) for a few hours, woke up very tired and with a sore throat. Saturday morning up and My darling husband and I cleaned the whole house, still not feeling well, our weekend was full so did what I had to do, buyers were coming to look at the house a 2nd time, so yard, house, everything had to be in tip-top shape.
I had scheduled massages for us during the time we needed to be away from the house, also all the kids were coming to the house that night for fathers day and Husbands birthday..So off we went...By this time, I was not thinking clearing thinking I was tired and after the massage, my body felt like someone had run over me with a truck!!!! On to the grocery store then home, The kids came and pretty much brought stuff and got my stuff put out. I was no help and finally realized, I was running a fever. Needless to say, I did not get to work at camp this week. I hear that all is going well there.
I went to the Dr. on Monday because of a cough and it was driving me crazy and also my husband, he was so sweet about it. I have pneumonia, never have I been this sick and had no clue that I had that. Everyday getting better. This may be too much information but one things that is not enjoyable about the fabulous fifties is every time I cough I pee my pants, what an experience. I am getting use out of the package of depends I bought for my Mother-in-law before she died a year and a half ago. Glad I did not toss them....So please if your young don't make fun of them, they may come in handy if you are coughing 1000 times in a day in your fifties.. Love ya

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Time

Summer is here now. I was the last to get out of school for the summer,here at our house. I think I will get an A in both classes that I took. That is a very accomplished feeling for a Fabulous Fifties :)

Life is good. No crisis or challenges going on at this moment (as far as I know) so I am thankful. No one knows what bumps in the road we might hit tomorrow. On one of the the boards, I am on some one wrote something like Be nice to everyone because everyone is facing some kinda of battle. Not the exact words but that jumped out at me. Guess I better go back and write it down right.

Tomorrow is the first week of our Church's day Camp, We are so excited!! land was donated about 3 years ago and little by little it has come about. With a lot of work from many but the number one person would be my wonderful husband. God gave him the gift of having a vision of what something could be and the ability of being able to get it accomplished. So tomorrow starts Jr. day camp then the next week teen. There are many others that God has used also to help. Another person, God sent 1 1/2 years ago to be out associate pastor, He worked for 6 yrs, in a camp ministry, so Gods timing is perfect, Some of the fun things there 2 large lakes, swimming, fishing, boating, climbing wall and best of all a zip-line from a tower to the water . I will be working in the kitchen serving lunch!!