Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pre New Years Eve

Well almost a New Year...Yea, we had a Great Christmas. DH did decide about at the last minute to buy 2 Wii things for 2 of our Daughters for Christmas, so we did the check out all stores within our area run, and of course they were nowhere. But since it was a last min. idea and not totally necessary we did without.
I faced one of my fears last week, I never took any college courses, although I do have my hairdresser licences which I did for over 25 yrs. and have my Real Estate Licences which I have had about 10 yrs. I did not want to take an entrance placement test to take college courses, because my fear of failure. Guess what I took it........ And all was well except for Algebra which I have never had so all I have to do is take a class. It was not bad to fail that, and was exciting I did well on the other 2 placements so I can start college classes for them. So maybe I will just take the Algebra course first to see how I do going back to school. Prayers will be appreciated. Till next time....Happy New Year

Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Morning

Today is 2 day before Christmas Eve. That is when we have our family get together and gift exchange. My big plan today is go to the grocery store, think I have my list ready.

I have 3 kids still asleep in bed today, 2 home from college and the other a senior in high school, so our house and schedule will be changing day to day. I will adjust and not worry so much about the house staying in order, I will try to enjoy them, remembering they will be on their on with families before I know it.

As I sit here praying and meditating, I am going over the same thingS that I go over every year, Did I get the kids enough for Christmas? Hope they will not be disappointed, should I go shopping 1 more time? How did I gain so much weight?
O well, Had a good week-end, DH and I went shopping, then kept our adorable 15 month old grandson over night. He is lots of fun. Our Church did their play and Music last night, we also enjoyed that.
Guess I better get up and started . Hope you are having a great start to the CHRISTMAS WEEK!!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Good Morning, I have decided since I go to every ones blog that I have on my favorite list everyday, I am going to write on mine more often. I am disappointed when I go to blogs day after day and they have not updated. I do not want my friends to be disappointed, so a few words more often.
Having someone come look at the house today, it has been up for sale for 9 months so we shall see. So this morning is hide all stuff sitting around !!! And then on to Dh office Christmas dinner! Later

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Greetings

HI, Hope all is enjoying the Christmas Season. I have enjoyed it so far, My Sweet Husband has done most of the Christmas shopping. Had ideas for the big items for the kids so he just bit the bullet and purchased them, while I worry about getting the best sale, etc. So all that is over. Our extended family has narrowed down on the gift giving. Since my MIL died Christmas Season last year, She was the reason we all tried to get together on Christmas Eve, but with her passing and her grandchildren getting married and having inlaws to see also, we all decided that this year will be different. So our Children and their spouse and grandchildren is all that will be together Christmas eve. Also my sister and I have decide that with our children grown and some married, it was like breaking arms to get everyone together, So we with our husband are just getting together after the holiday to meet half way and go out to eat.
If the cousins ever want to get together they can plan it.
Talk with you soon.