Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Monday, December 28, 2009


So where was I? Had my 56th birthday and survived it rather well.
Had a good Thanksgivings with kids and grandkids. About 9 pm that night, received a call that my 58 year old brother had a stroke. It is soooo sad, my emotion are off the chart these days. He has no use of his left side. At this point about all he can do is feed himself. Mental he seem ok, most of the time. He has no wife, children. My sister and I are it. Please Pray for him and myself also to have the strength and wisdom to know what to do.
The good news is I passed my math for meds class with a B, and also anatomy with an A. I am finished with my core classes. Praying about trying to get it the LPN program in the summer.
Also had a good Christmas. Hope you all are doing well. Any advice, encouragment, prayer are appreciated..........Happy New Year

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So Bad

Hi, I am so BAD at keeping this blog updated. All is well here, adjusting to life with grown kids, which is nice :). Going to school and having major projects going on around house.
I will be having my 56th birthday on sat. Oct. 31st. Wow time just went on by.
Bring on the Holidays!!! One step at a time. see ya

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is it Fall yet?

Why does it take me so long to update??? August 30, 1009

Here we are in another state getting our last child settled into college. So in this post I am going to reflect on Life Changes. I am thinking of times in my life that until I went thru it, I just did not understand. No matter how many times someone tells you about it, explains it to you, tells of there experience with it, you still will not undersand until you do it or the time comes when you go thru it. Some of the times it has happened to me.
(1)After 1st marriage and honeymoon, I lay awake one night and think "what have I gotten myself into".
(2) After the first baby that I have waited so long for. The night before I went home, I looked at the baby realize this baby is your responsibility 24 hours a day for a looooooooon time.
(3) You last child leaves home, you have anticipated, prayed for this day to come and then when it does. Another Life Change.
(4) When you parents die, you know death is a part of life and it is bound to happen but when it does. Wow life change
(5) Another one I thought of when you take your child to real school for the first time and realize that they stay there for 7 hours without you, and you do not have to hurry back to the babysitter to get them. You look as they go down that long hall with there little back pack and never look back. Life Change

When #6 left on fri. with his big sister to arrive early and register for college, I could not look and say bye without crying. The next day his father and I arrived to help him get settled in. Think I will be better today when the time comes for us to leave . Think he is ready to fly from the nest and KNOW he is TIRED of us telling him what he needs to do. Bet he will walk into his dorm and never look back.

Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10,2209

This is what is new at Fabulous Fifties, finally finished antibiotics for the pneumonia. However the next day, a tooth, really it is a crown started hurting, had to have a root canal on that to the tune of a small fortune. So on antibiotics again, go next week for a follow-up on the pneumonia.
So that is an update on me.
Dear daughter no. 3 leaves tomorrow on a plane for Austria, she will be teaching 5&6 grades for 1 1/2 to 2 yrs. So it will be a bitter sweet day tomorrow.I am excited for her, think it is a great opportunity.
Also my classes started this week, I am excited to start back and be on some kind of schedule!! Hope I can keep up, since i will be out 2 days the 2nd week for vacation...
Nothing ever materialized on selling the house, so we continue to enjoy it and also declutter.
Hope all my blogger friends are enjoying the summer. I check up on you all almost every night!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Heat

Well, summertime has come with a bang!! Hope everyone has some way of staying cool. I thank God and my sweet husband for air-conditioning.
Think I mentioned our Church camp in my last post. Last week was jr. camp and was great, we had about 35 boys and girls attend every day. I was excited to be able to help in the kitchen last week, believe it or not I did make it thru the week, everyone thought I was just going to be a puddle by the end of each day, I sweat so much, but I made it Thru. (Did i mention I do not do heat and humid weather very well?)
Friday afternoon, I came home showered and rested(slept ) for a few hours, woke up very tired and with a sore throat. Saturday morning up and My darling husband and I cleaned the whole house, still not feeling well, our weekend was full so did what I had to do, buyers were coming to look at the house a 2nd time, so yard, house, everything had to be in tip-top shape.
I had scheduled massages for us during the time we needed to be away from the house, also all the kids were coming to the house that night for fathers day and Husbands birthday..So off we went...By this time, I was not thinking clearing thinking I was tired and after the massage, my body felt like someone had run over me with a truck!!!! On to the grocery store then home, The kids came and pretty much brought stuff and got my stuff put out. I was no help and finally realized, I was running a fever. Needless to say, I did not get to work at camp this week. I hear that all is going well there.
I went to the Dr. on Monday because of a cough and it was driving me crazy and also my husband, he was so sweet about it. I have pneumonia, never have I been this sick and had no clue that I had that. Everyday getting better. This may be too much information but one things that is not enjoyable about the fabulous fifties is every time I cough I pee my pants, what an experience. I am getting use out of the package of depends I bought for my Mother-in-law before she died a year and a half ago. Glad I did not toss them....So please if your young don't make fun of them, they may come in handy if you are coughing 1000 times in a day in your fifties.. Love ya

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Time

Summer is here now. I was the last to get out of school for the summer,here at our house. I think I will get an A in both classes that I took. That is a very accomplished feeling for a Fabulous Fifties :)

Life is good. No crisis or challenges going on at this moment (as far as I know) so I am thankful. No one knows what bumps in the road we might hit tomorrow. On one of the the boards, I am on some one wrote something like Be nice to everyone because everyone is facing some kinda of battle. Not the exact words but that jumped out at me. Guess I better go back and write it down right.

Tomorrow is the first week of our Church's day Camp, We are so excited!! land was donated about 3 years ago and little by little it has come about. With a lot of work from many but the number one person would be my wonderful husband. God gave him the gift of having a vision of what something could be and the ability of being able to get it accomplished. So tomorrow starts Jr. day camp then the next week teen. There are many others that God has used also to help. Another person, God sent 1 1/2 years ago to be out associate pastor, He worked for 6 yrs, in a camp ministry, so Gods timing is perfect, Some of the fun things there 2 large lakes, swimming, fishing, boating, climbing wall and best of all a zip-line from a tower to the water . I will be working in the kitchen serving lunch!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Hope everyone had a great day! We did see 5 of the 6 children so that was good. Also the 3 special grandchilden which is always a treat. It has been nice having 3 of the kids back at home for the last few weeks. I am not even stressing about the house, not always being straightened up. And just doing what i need to do. Did notice going to grocery store more often and grocery money not lasting as long.

Today taking son to graduation practice and making a run to Sam's will be making a couple of runs this week, as preparing for a big Graduation celebration on Saturday night.
grandaughter also graduates from kindergarten wed. another big day.

Daughter 21 is home from 4 years at college and trying to declutter, clean out, give away and pack up. She will be leaving to go to Austria to teach at a christian school there for a year or 2. She will be leaving around the first or 2nd week in July. We are still hoping to sell the house soon, so she is also kinda packing up her room.

I have a couple more week before my school quarter is over, have really enjoyed it.

Leigh thanks for visiting. I check you blog every night. Still wish you would share some of your writting talent with me . Jess thanks for stopping by, also Jaye still checking on you. You Go girl!! Talk with you all later!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


May is going by. Today is a school day. I am enjoying my Psych and computer classes!! Thank GOD for his GRACE,LOVE,MERCY and STRENGTH!!! My baby boy had a birthday yesterday he turned 20!!! Whoo-hoo!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Days Go By

Today is the day the Lord Hath made REJOICE and be glad in IT!!! Hope every one is having a great day.
As for me and mine, we are fine. May is a big month for us as it is for many. Dear Daughter graduated from college over the week-end!!! Whoo-HOO..Our youngest will graduate from high school at the end of the month. 2 other sons have birthdays this month and our !st grandchild graduates from kindergarten.
School is going well for me enjoying Psychology and learning computer office. Wow do I have a lot to learn!!!
On a very sad note, My niece died suddenly of a blood clot 2 weeks ago and left behind 2 small children. Please pray for my sister, nieces husband & other family and friends. Talk with you all later..Still read every ones blogs almost nightly...

Days Go By

Friday, March 13, 2009


Wow, I am back. Sorry I am like the people that I get disappointed with , when I go to read there blogs and they have not update for days!!! But, here I am Months later...

It is beautiful spring time weather down here in Ga. The Bradford pear trees are blooming with beautiful white blossoms. This time of years reminds of new beginings.

We are still in our home, next month it will have been on the market for a year. It is all in Gods timing and he will give us the grace to make it one day at a time.. Business is still up and down, but I have not done without any thing I have needed or even wanted. I hear it is very hard for so many families in these changing times and my heart goes to them, we never know what might happen in the future, Thankful God knows the future and help us with what happens!!!

Praise the Lord I have made it thru the first quarter of Math!!! Whoo-HOO that is quiet an achivement for me...It has been very tough..but consistant studying and being there every class and doing all my homework, I ended the class with a B, and that is great. For a while I was just praying that I would just pass the class, so ending up with a B is great!!!

I am sure life is busy for all. We have 3 graduating in May, daughter no.3 from college Jessica---son no.3 from High school and our First granddaughter from kindergarten... With our son graduating this year, he is our last of 6, and so far all have went on to college.

Jessica, thanks for checking on me :)) You have such a sweet and caring spirit!! I have checked on you and others. Proud of you for your accomplishments..Keep seeking the Lord and doing the next right thing....

Jaye happy that you are in your house and Pray things will work out good for you...I was sad about the change, I had just read your story about getting the girls and your story when you made your change so I was sad. But I know God can make all thing to work for good to them that love him and are called for his purpose.

Next quarter going take a computer course, maybe I then can learn to write letters better

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well, We are 8 days into the New Year. Many changes for any of you? I am happy to report I am still walking on the treadmill and eating more healthy. Today was my first class in college, wow that sounds funny.. I am taking 2 classes a math class and a Medical termnology class, think that will work well with me. Also Ladies Bible Study started back today, was glad classes did not interfere with Bible study.
Sad to say my husbands neice died and her funeral will be on Sunday. never ready to lose a loved one.
Also we received a call fraom the Real Estate agent, people that have already saw the house wants to see it again tomorrow. I am not sure if I will be excited or scared if it sells now. It is in Gods Hands....Have a Good Week....