Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We are back from vacation, we went to the Smokey Mountains in Tenn. Had a good time, We went to Dollywood, I enjoyed that. Jessica and I rode the Wild Eagle a roller coaster there. It was a fast smooth ride, it did not rattle my brain and did not give me a headache like the last one I rode at Six Flags did. Luke enjoyed the ropes course and Scott was very patient and sit and waited for us with our cameras and water bottles. I also enjoyed the Dolly Parton museum.
The next day we drove up to Fire Mountain to a mountain top Zip line. Luke started not feeling well as we were on our way there so we decided it would be best not to do the zip line there. Later that day, Luke felt better so he and Jessica was a able to do a zip line closer to home and enjoyed it. All in all it was a good trip, Now home sweet home. Going to finish the ssh and get ready for work

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