Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This Week

Another week has passed ! I worked wed. thur. fri. last week, and mon and tues. of this week. I really felt like a working woman for a while. But I have really enjoyed the last 2 day off. It was amazing I stayed caught up with house stuff when I worked. Tomorrow is step daughter 25th birthday, we are taking her to lunch tomorrow and then have all Oct. birthday celebrations here at home on the 25th.
DS 19 came for a visit today, enjoyed seeing him, it is working better for me with him living away, seems we have a lot better relationship this way. Stepson 18 is graduating this year so Sr. pictures are to be made sat. and getting ready to order invitations!!! Whoo-hoo . That will be 6 for 6 of high graduates and I am very THANKFUL. Hope all is well with your world

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Jess said...

Enjoyed your updates... Hope you are doing well and having a blessed and wonderful week.