Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello, Hope everyone is doing well today. I am great, loving this weather. My day was spent going to grocery store. I went to 2 stores and tried to look for sales items and also baking supplies for the coming up Holidays. So come home and decide to make some dressing and sweet potato souffle to mix up and put in the freezer. so made up cornbread and biscuits, baked sweet potatoes and chopped up onions and celery. Put some chicken in crock pot over tonight to have the broth. So potatoes and dressing stuff in the fridge to mix up tomorrow. Before you say that this girl is doing well....
Remember the 1 cent item at publix every week, well the other week it was oatmeal some how I got 2 things of oatmeal, now we like oatmeal, but the instant kind so was think, I would just make
oatmeal cookies.....Seemed like a good idea. I must not know how to read direction, because after getting all ingredients together and mixing up, it seemed kinda dry but i went ahead and put a spoon full a piece on a baking pan. When they finished cooking they were terrible!!! DH tried to put more water in the rest of the batter and his looks better but Ds took 1 bite and then went and spat it out and he is a cookie monster. So much for baking...Toll House cookies here we come...
Had a great time over the week-end. Our Church has some property and hope someday to have a active camp there but right now we have a pavilion, with kitchen and bathrooms, a small boat house and a baseball field. We held a harvest fest Saturday and was hoping for between 300-500 people, that did not happen only had about 200 including all the workers but we all had a great time, had many game booths, craft tables, hay ride. I worked with the concession and it was fun. Had so much fun and candy left over, but many things coming up with Church events so we will use them.
This week DH business not looking to good, but I will continue to Trust God for direction. Thinking about taking a Math class, more on that later!! Look up!


Jess said...

Sorry about your cookie issues... I always hate to work so hard, and then to be disappointed...

Glad you had a good time with the church... and I will be keeping your hubby's business in my prayers.

Have a good end of the week

Oldqueen44 said...

Do you prepare all that stuff in advance and then freeze it so that it is easier the day of Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Nikki said...

The pattern for that blanket is in the book Big Book of Crochet, and the name of the pattern is Baby Boy Afghan. Amazon has it, if you're interested. I don't like to put copyrighted material on my blog; besides the instructions are too long!

Thanks for dropping by!