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Diamond Head View

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all that may stop by..
Need to post more often, hard to remember whats been going on. I know that I am Thankful for Gods many blessings!!
I worked a few days since I have posted. Had the 3 grand kids overnight last week-end and enjoyed them. All is well here.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, Our day will be changing some this year, My dear MIL died right before Christmas last year so this will be the first year without her. Also My Ds decided to do a community project thru his college, feeding the Fireman and Police that are working in the town the college is in. So me being the mom was nervous so of course I kinda took on the project. We will be there till around 3 then home for dinner at 6 for about 15 eating at home should be fun. See you all later


Jess said...

Hope you have had a wonderful and blessed day...

Lots of love,

JUST A MOM said...

sounds like a wonderful day