Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Greetings

HI, Hope all is enjoying the Christmas Season. I have enjoyed it so far, My Sweet Husband has done most of the Christmas shopping. Had ideas for the big items for the kids so he just bit the bullet and purchased them, while I worry about getting the best sale, etc. So all that is over. Our extended family has narrowed down on the gift giving. Since my MIL died Christmas Season last year, She was the reason we all tried to get together on Christmas Eve, but with her passing and her grandchildren getting married and having inlaws to see also, we all decided that this year will be different. So our Children and their spouse and grandchildren is all that will be together Christmas eve. Also my sister and I have decide that with our children grown and some married, it was like breaking arms to get everyone together, So we with our husband are just getting together after the holiday to meet half way and go out to eat.
If the cousins ever want to get together they can plan it.
Talk with you soon.

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