Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New year

Hi, Sitting here watching to see if the Tsunami is going to hit Hawaii ?Good news we have plans to visit there March 20th and then to visit daughter in Australia. Bad news might not be a great thing to go. We are having some strange things going on in our world. So sorry for Chili with the earthquake.
My life has pretty much been getting my brother taken care of. He was in hospital for 2 months and now been in the nursing home for a month. Trying to get SSI started and medicaid. Bunch of paper work. He has started Physical Therapy and is a little better, but still paralyzed on his left side. Any advise would be appreciated..
Our son had to come home from college, the work load was just to much for him, at least he made it 1 semester and enjoyed it!! Guess our empty nest if not empty anymore. We will adjust again. And that is my life for now :)

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