Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It is beautiful spring weather here in Georgia, and I love it. The temperature is just right for me not to hot and not to cold.
We had a great vacation. Hawaii is beautiful. I enjoyed our time there, my greatest accomplishment was climbing Diamond Head. After Hawaii we were off to Australia to see Jessica. Enjoyed our time with her, and enjoyed seeing where she lives, the Church where she attends and teaches. Thankful I was able to visit Australia but would not really care for a return trip. The plane ride is just tooooooooo long!!!
So a report on being Fabulous Fifty. As I go from the beginning of year 56 Thur the middle of 56 toward 57. I feel about the same, but some of the body parts are changing. Most noticeable to me is my vision, I need my glasses ANY time I read anything or work on the computer. Next, I see more, I guess you call then lines above my upper lip. Last but not least my upper arms do not look firm any more and the grandma flab below them is starting to show. Maybe to much Information, but using this as my way to remember what happened when....

My daughter is going to have a baby!!!!! A boy!!! so excited!!!!!

My brother is about the same physically since his stroke. Still hoping and praying for improvement in his condition. I thank the Lord for the strength he gives to us!!!!!!!!

Sorry this is so random!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya later


Jenn Basham said...

So glad to see ya posting again :-D Glad you enjoyed your trip! SOOO excited about the new baby coming... Yay!!! We'll be praying for your brother and for you all :-D

Now I guess I need to get back to blogging too :-D

Jess said...

What an awesome vacation..and great news on the baby....and as for the details...just keep out the bowel habits okay? LOL

Love you