Diamond Head View

Diamond Head View

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Computer fast

Well I am back after a 3 day fast from the computer, trying to break the reading hours at night and checking the computer many times a day when I am home. My purpose also when I thought about the computer, I would talk with God, Pray for people and things close to my heart. So for me that was a good thing. I missed reading every ones blogs, but I did survive.
On Friday had lunch with dS 19, he has not lived at home for the last 2 months so do not hear from him much, so it was good to see he can survive without me...can you say (co-dependant).
Saturday Spend the day with DH and 24 yr. old daughter, went to S. Ga. to see some houses. Sunday was Church, Monday babysit sweet little grandson, he is 1 yr. old and took his nap on schedule so that was a good day. Today was off to lunch with a group to a quaint restaurant an hour away. So life is Good in the Fifties.
Soon hope to learn more about putting on pictures on this blog. Also would love to do one of the free backgrounds, but after trying almost every night it just has not happened!!!
Also my life may be taking some sharp turns, after being wanting for nothing for the last 11 yrs.
life will be changing soon for me unless a miracle happens and God is able to make it happen. But it he does not . I know he has another plan!! Pray that my faith stays strong!!!

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